gallery gallery The Elegant Trio Music Ensemble Violin: Sadia Romero Flute: Oderlyn Gutiez-Bello Cello: Elizabeth Vazquez 31210433 Flute & Harp Duo Location: Parrot Jungle Harpist: LeeFei Chen Flute: Oderlyn Gutiez-Bello Location: Parrot Jungle 31210434 Violin & Cello Duo Cellist: Erick Riesgo Violin: Sadia Romero Location: Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, FL 31210435 Flute & Piano Duo Pianist: Deborah Sanchez Flutist: Oderlyn Gutiez-Bello 31210436 Flute, Violin, Cello & Harp Quartet Location: Deering State at Cutler Flutist: Fabian Alvarez Cellist: Maria A. Salas Violinist: Sadia Romero Harpist: LeeFei Chen 31210437 Flute, Viola & Guitar Trio Viola: Rebecca Diedrich Guitar: Paul Martin Flute: Oderlyn Gutiez-Bello Concert at North Miami, Fl 31210438 Flute with Background Music Event: The Kristi House and the Fresh Market "Fine Wine Testing Gala" 31210439 Pianist Jaqueline Perez Pianist during a flute, violin, cello and piano quartet 31210440 The Elegant Trio 31210441 Violin, Cello and Harp Trio Location: The Palms Hotel, Miami Beach Violin: Sadia Romero Cello: Elizabeth Vazquez Harp: LeeFei Chen Location: The Palms Hotel, Miami Beach,Fl 31210442 Clarinet & Violin Duet with background music Clarinet: Andres Candamil Violin: Luisa Duarte 31210443 Violin with background music Violinist: Luisa Duarte Location: Rusty Pelican, Key Biscayne, FL 31210444 String Quartet during a wedding ceremony Violinists: Sadia Romero and Roy Frometa, Violist: Rafael Rodriguez, Cellist: Elizabeth Vazquez 31210445 Violin Solo During a beach wedding ceremony Violinist: Sadia Romero 31210446 Violin Solo During a beach wedding ceremony 31210447 The Elegant Trio 31210448 Flute, Violin and Guitar Trio Concert at the Kossuth Club Violin: Modesto Marcano Flute: Oderlyn Gutiez-Bello Guitar: Paul Martin 31210449 Flute with background music During a cocktail Location: Red Fish Restaurant 31210450 The Elegant Trio Wedding ceremony. 2009 31210452 Guitars and flute Trio Guitarrists: Paul Martin and Ramon Justicia Flutist: Oderlyn Gutiez-Bello Place: Recording studio. The trio will release a CD of boleros in the summer of 2009 with guitars, flute and percussion. 31210754 Flute, Piano and Percussion Trio Piano: Sergio Garcia Percussion: Nelson Rodriguez Flute: German Fraga Place: The Palms Hotel, Miami beach 31210755 Flute, Violin and Cello Trio Flute: Oderlyn Gutiez-Bello Violin: Sadia Romero Cello: Christine Echezabal Location: Sundy House, Delray Beach, Fl 31212410 Violin and Cello Duet Violin: Luisa Duarte Cello: Maria A. Salas Location: Vizcaya Museum, Miami, Fl 31212411 Violin Solo Violinist: Luisa Duarte Location: Temple Emmanuel, Miami Beach 42348060 Violin Solo Location: Temple Emmanuel, Miami Beach During a Jewish wedding ceremony. 42348061 Clarinet, violin, viola and cello Quartet Location: Cathedral of St. Mary, Miami, Fl Clarinet: Andres Candamil Violin: Israel Aragon Viola: Luisa Duarte Cello: Maria A. Salas 42348827